About IMU

The Indian Maritime University (IMU) was established on 14th November 2008 as a teaching-cum-affiliating university under the aegis of the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, with Chennai as headquarters.

Why Maritimedu

We as mariners have observed that many candidates aspiring of becoming mariner(Captain or Chief Engineer of ship) soon find themselves disillusioned and disoriented because of lack of credible information about Merchant Navy colleges, their curriculum and entrance test requirements. They become victims of misinformation and agents are having a field day. List of problems faced by Candidates as observed by us are mentioned click on the Know More.

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Services Offered

About merchant navy

In this context the lure towards Merchant navy is rising among youngsters, where one has to take spot decision in real quick time and the opportunity to travel places comes as an added benefit. The remuneration in Merchant navy is quite high and they are among the highest paying professionals in the world

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